Maryland-Malawi Partnership Fund

Support the research collaborations of the Division of Malaria Research

Maryland-Malawi Partnership A Project of Institute for Global Health

The Maryland-Malawi Partnership Fund supports public health facilities in Malawi and the provision of basic, dignified health care to the populations they serve. Dr. Miriam K. Laufer and other faculty and students in the Division of Malaria Research at the University of Maryland School of Medicine have developed relationships through the years with regional schools and health clinics that have benefitted from their work.

Dr. Laufer and her research partners have previously funded the repair of the roof of the maternity ward at the Mfera Health Center in Malawi, shielding women in labor from outside weather. The group has also funded the installation of a solar-powered water pump so there is running water at the clinic, another basic human need for these patients and their health care.

Future projects Dr. Laufer and her team are planning include the support of:

  • health peer-educators in local schools, a program started with support from the Gates Foundation and has proved to be a huge success. The featured video on this page includes these peer-educators entering their local "stage" at the town market singing "We will defeat malaria - Yes!"
  • a reforestation project led by the village committee in a rural village that has suffered from recent floods.

How can you help?

Gifts made to the Maryland-Malawi Partnership Fund support the relationships developed by Dr. Laufer and her research team with communities in Malawi, providing health care services and other resources to women, children, and others in need. Your donations are used not only for research efforts, but for international bonds that strengthen both the University of Maryland School of Medicine and our Malawian partners.

If you are making this gift in honor of Dr. Laufer's wedding to Mr. Patrick Daniels, thank you for your support! Your generosity does so much.

We are also accepting donations in honor of Karen Ball's retirement. Karen has spent years working on projects in Malawi and has visited many times. She has trained a whole generation of researchers there! Thank you, Karen, for your generosity now and over the years.

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